Volunteering Opportunities At Masoom

1. Enrolment of students in night schools

You can help Masoom & school staff for enrolling drop out students in night school through following way (June to August):

  • Hand bills distribution – handbills distribution in the slum area along with school staff
  • Door to door campaign – convincing parents of drop out students to enroll in night schools (along with school teachers / Masoom staff)
  • Street plays – participating in street plays with night school students / filling admission forms of students during street plays

2. Participating in the SSC Extra classes

Our extra classes are conducted on Sundays and Public Holidays. We need volunteers for them. The details and the roles and responsibilities of the volunteers are given below.

  • Role and Responsibility: We conduct special classes for our students at 50 centers across Mumbai. Activities include
    • Monitoring and observation of classes, this includes, maintaining the Student attendance register.
    • Fill in the invoice forms of the professional teaching experts who will visit the center – a feedback form by the expert.
    • Arranging snacks for the students (The snacks will be provided by Masoom).
    • The representatives from the School such as a Teacher / Peon will be present in the class during the distribution of the snacks. Orientation to the volunteers will be provided by SSC Department of Masoom.
  • Following are the commitments from the volunteers:
    • Number of volunteers: 50
    • Time-frame: 9 am – 3:00 pm on Sundays and Public Holidays (2 sessions of 3 hours)
    • Location: As per centers fixed by Masoom
    • Dress code: Girls – Indian attire and Boys : Casual attire
    • Number of Volunteers per Centre: 1

3. Participating in following activities at night schools (on Field):

  • Sports events (December) – assisting teachers / become referee / managing crowd
  • Career Guidance Workshop (September to December) – guiding students on different career options available after 10th Std / 12th Std
  • Arranging a Medical Health Camp for the Night schools through volunteering support in order to provide medical assistance to the students.
  • Motivation sessions for students (as per convenience of the school) – guiding students on how to build self-confidence, soft skills, interview skills etc.

4. Tech –on- Wheels Project (on Field).

  • Photography
  • Video shooting and editing
  • Training the Students:
    • To teach the students of different curriculum developed by Masoom
    • To prepare case study per student

5. Special Projects of Masoom

To help Masoom team in conducting students’ leadership sessions under Design for Change Program (students Leadership Program) & Girls Program Project. Both the projects help students to enhance their leadership skills and enable them to be change agents for solving social problems around their vicinity.

  • Workshop for staff
    • Take sessions on Leadership, professional skills and values, personal skills like time management and Soft skills.
    • Make module for trainings with above subjects
    • Training to staff about Technical skills like MIS etc or help to develop module for same.
  • Marketing & Networking
    • Social Visibility Campaign: Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn: Help in increasing online visibility and spread the word among friends, as per the availability of volunteers.
    • Networking with Donors:Connect with donors and arrange meeting to help Masoom to connect with new donors, as per the availability of volunteers.
    • RUN for Masoom : Volunteers can participate in Marathon and support Masoom. They can also raise funds for Masoom through Marathon from an individual fund raising event through Marathon website.

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