Project Impact

Night School Transformation Program Impact

The impact indicated below is a result of the dedication and hard work of Team Masoom, and is a constant source of inspiration and encouragement for us:

Masoom has seen visible improvement on almost all parameters that are used to track the performance of our intervention, increased enrollment, reduction in dropouts, better pass rates in SSC examinations and ultimately a larger number of our students wanting to pursue courses on vocational skills.

• Masoom has reached out to more than 25,000 direct beneficiaries from 2008 onwards.

IMPACT 2008-09 2021-22
Schools 2 85
Attendance percentage 34% 57%
SSC pass percentage 36% 95.59%
Students Secure first class 5% 47%

300 teachers are trained by Masoom every year.

• Due to Masoom’s intervention, government has issued a GR for providing nutrition to standard 8th students of night schools.

• About 4000 students across night schools are getting access to evening meals provided by government. This sums up to around INR 28 Lac. Per annum.

• Due to regular meetings with the government, they had waived off rent of the schools till 2011.Hence the trusts running the night schools managed to save approximately INR 11 Lacs.

• Due to regular meetings with the BMC officials, Night schools are given access to playgrounds and access to classrooms on Sundays and holidays for extra classes.

Career Cell Impact

IMPACT 2021-22
Career guidance provided More than 6108 students
Interest mapping provided More than 2000 students
Short term courses has reached out 2381 students
Long term courses has reached out 174 students
Students enterpreneurship program reached out 28 students
Mentorship provided 5 Students
Placements 931 Students

Tech On Wheels Impact

IMPACT 2021-22
Tech on wheel has reached to More than 2000 students

• Tech on Wheels has reached to more than 2000 students by 2021-22.

• Students have learnt about basic skills of basic computer, graphic design, website development, Mobile Application Development (MAD) and Digital Literacy. This has given them tremendous confidence to explore these areas as career options.

Evening Learning Center Impact

IMPACT 2021-22
Average results of ELCs in Maharashtra 94%
Average results of ELCs in Gujarat 61%
Students appeared for exams 315
Students passed the examination 255
Average attendance recorded 70-80%

• The number of Centers has moved up from 2 in 2020-21 to 17 by 2021-22.

Success Stories

Family Background: There are 6 members in Trupti’s family. Her mother is a housewife and her father is unemployed and an alcoholic. Trupti’s family faced huge financial crisis during the lockdown. Her studies were also affected. Things had gotten very dire.

Current Profile: The intervention helped her and her family to get back on their feet. The nutrition and groceries were essential for their day to day needs and her grit propelled her to secure excellent grades in her examination. She is currently employed as a dental assistant at Smile So Good Dental Clinic and is pursuing her Diploma in Medical Laboratory

Trupti Anant Mosamkar

Masoom’s Intervention:
Trupti got acquainted with Masoom whilst at school. Masoom supported her during her schooling for nutrition, school fees and stationery cost and that helped Trupti to secure 1ˢᵗ position in her school. She scored 69%. The Career Cell department assisted her in finding job-related courses as well as higher education opportunities. She enrolled in a Dental Assisting course as well as a PPCA (Professional Program of Computer Application) class.

Family Background: Ashwini, who is only 17 years old, has already witnessed enough adversity. Her father remarried after abandoning her and her mother. Ashwini’s younger sibling lives with their father. Her mother used to own and operate a shoe store. Her efforts came to a halt during the pandemic. For the past three months, they have been unable to pay the house rent and the owner has evicted them from the property.

Current Profile: After the intervention, Ashwini went to school on a regular basis and she has cleared the SSC examination with excellent grades. Her mother started saving cash for rent and groceries and also decided to attend night school to complete her education.

Ashwini Gulab Shinde

Masoom’s Intervention:
Her situation was brought to light after school teachers paid her a visit due to her low attendance. They learned about her condition and informed Masoom PM about it. PM discussed the issue with Masoom's child rights committee and asked the team to visit. Members of the committee paid a visit to Ashwini and attempted to counsel her mother. Ashwini's situation was urgent, and we had to take immediate action, so we informed the CEO. For the next six months, Masoom has helped Ashwini with a place to stay, groceries, and a bus pass. A mobile phone and a three-month recharge was also provided.

Family Background: Gaurav is staying with his parents, sister, uncle, aunty, cousin brother, and grandmother. Gaurav’s family used to live at his hometown when he was younger. His father was a UCN Cable Network employee. His father’s job was terminated during the pandemic.

Current Profile: Since completing his Basic Computer Course with Masoom’s Tech on Wheels program, his interest in the subject has risen. He stated that he would like to learn more about web design and computer technology. He is now working on a website. He is also enrolled in an advanced course at the moment (Web Designing).

Gaurav Mangesh Gharjale

Masoom’s Intervention:
Masoom offered him a course in which he learned basic computer skills like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. He is studying at Prerna College of Commerce as a first-year student. He showed complete enthusiasm and focus on the content throughout the course. He has a perfect attendance record for the training.

Family Background: Shraddha, her husband, and their son live in Yeravada ,Pune. Shraddha dropped out of class IX due to a lack of interest in school and her family's financial troubles. She later married and gave birth to a son. As she saw her son study, she understood the value of a stable after ‘securing a’ in securing a good job. Her husband drives a vehicle, but all schools were closed due to the pandemic. His monthly income dropped from Rs 8000 to Rs 6000.

Current Profile: She has grown confident and positive as a result of the training she received for online programmes, as well as the support she received. Shraddha's ambition is to progress in the fields of photography, videography, and editing, and we wish her luck in all of her endeavours.

Shraddha Kishor Chabukswar

Masoom’s Intervention:
Shraddha's son read a WhatsApp message regarding ELC on her phone. He encouraged Shraddha to enrol for her SSC. Shraddha enrolled in a school after a gap of more than 20 years and began her 10th grade education at Masoom's Nirman Evening Learning Center in Pune. Shraddha's willpower was strengthened and she scored an incredible 82% in her SSC exams. Every teacher admires her for providing clear and concise responses as well as taking initiative and motivating other students in online sessions.