Night School Transformation Program


Masoom is a not for profit organization that works with the night school students to work on the academics and provide better career opportunities to them. Masoom began with informal research on the educational problem of night schools culminated in a action program in 2008. Masoom is the first organization in Maharashtra to run a comprehensive “School Transformation Programme” for night school education. Masoom started with 2 night schools in the first year and then gradually increased its spread to 82 schools and 3500 students in the year 2018-19. Masoom plans to  reach out to 170 night schools by 2022 impacting 20,000 night school students in Maharashtra.

The ‘Night School Transformation Program’ is specifically tailored to meet the needs of the night school and the individual students who are mainly  school dropouts from poor socio-economic background, most of them working during the day and supporting their families. As a result of the MOU signed with the state government of Maharashtra Masoom has a mandate to implement the Shaala Siddhi school in all schools of Maharashtra. This tool is implemented  as part of the NSTP program. The project follows a Three-pronged Model to achieve its aim:


Masoom provides critical educational infrastructure and resources. This includes basic amenities such as nutrition (evening meals), notebooks, textbooks, mobile science labs, library books, computers and audio-visual learning. For the schools that have blind students, we also provide Braille learning tools, Braille textbooks, etc


Masoom works closely with various stakeholders in the school like the Trustees, Head Masters (HMs), teachers, students, parents and non-teaching staff. Masoom organizes   training sessions and workshops for teachers, parents and students.


Masoom takes initiatives to bring about policy level changes in favor of Night Schools. Masoom is aiming at raising awareness and advocating amongst the public and key decision-makers about the urgent need of policy level changes to be made and implemented.

  1. Educational Infrastructure Building and Support
  2. Capacity Building
  3. Advocacy

Through various project interventions the project is expected to enhance the teaching and learning environment in night schools, build leadership quality and employability skills among students and facilitate stakeholder participation, ownership of the program and local partnership for improved school based management and sustenance of the Program.

Masoom has developed a grading tool to regularly assess schools on the basis of different parameters. These parameters categories schools in 4 levels – D, C, B,A. Grade D is the school which need a improvements in all areas and “A” grade is for the ideal school. Masoom targets to upgrade all schools into “A” grade. The grading  tool has now been customized to the Shaala Siddhi tool of the state government.

The Grading (M & E) tool will help to:

  1. Determine a baseline for a new school
  2. Correctly grade an existing school
  3. Based on the grades determine future / next course of action. This will help the school move from grade D to C to B to A - a kind of up gradation process

Following are the third party assessment reports