Volunteer Speaks

Pranahita Srinivas

Pranahita is a student of    university, Hyderabad. She has done a research on needs assessment of girl students  in the night school. The aim behind the research was to know the status of the girl students & the basic requirement for the girls for their future development. She has done an extensive research which will be useful for Masoom for making special strategy for girl students in night schools.


Pravin Dalvi

Pravin Dalvi was a student of Ambedkar Night school who is  currently pursuing night school. He runs his own decoration business. He actively supported Masoom by assisting Masoom staff in major events like Annual Picnic, sports, annual award function, notebooks & textbooks distribution. He has been playing an important role in street plays organized by Masoom for enrolment drive. Just few months before he has been elected as a President for the night school alumni association. His presence is very inspirational for ex students of Masoom.


Gaurakh Lad

Gaurakh Lad is an ex-student of Sahakar night school & currently pursuing night college. With college he is also working as an office assistant. Gaurakh is been active volunteer of Masoom since last two years. He has come to Masoom with his own initiation. He has helped Masoom in the activities like Sports, Picnic and street plays organized by Masoom for enrollment drive. Currently he is also acting as a Secretary of Night school Alumni Association.


Dayanand Agawane

Dayanand is a former employee of Masoom. Currently he is working as a senior technician in Fort point  Automobile Company. He is actively volunteering in Masoom’s major activities like annual sports, award function, picnics, visually impaired students field visit etc since last 3 years.


Prashant Kokate

Prashant is a former employee of Masoom. Currently he is working as a Coordinator in a Marketing Firm.  Since last 3 years he is volunteering for Masoom in the events like Annual Award Function, Sports, Field visits for visually impaired students.