Teachers and Headmasters

Masoom’s holistic approach to facilitating quality education in night schools includes collaboration with teachers and Head Masters. This collaboration takes place in the form of workshops and all-round support from the Programme Team. This partnership has to be very strong to take schools up the ladder in terms of gradation.

Masoom’s grading tool ranks the schools on inception of the partnership by alphabetical letter. We aim to take all our partner schools to Grade A to reach the highest quality with the participation of all the night school staff.

A few words from those who have inspired us, and we them:

Sangeeta Kadam – Headmistress, Meenatai Kurude Girls Night School (Vidyamandir), Wadala

Masoom has proven to be very beneficial for our school.

Masoom is helping the night school take into consideration the educational, psychological and economical capacity of the students. Students experience a tension-free and joyful environment due to field visits and picnics. Students are doing science practicals on their own. And all the credit for this goes to Masoom.

Masoom has now come up with the SSC Improvement Programme which has boosted the confidence of the students as well as the teachers.

Teachers and students are being awarded for their success in the SSC exams (through scholarships and awards at the annual event). It has rejuvenated them to work with double energy.

I would say Masoom is like a lamp to guide, inspire and encourage our night school.

Mr. Kerkar – Assistant Teacher, Sarvajanik Night School, Dadar

Attendance at our schools has increased due to Masoom support. We can see the holistic development of the students due to nutrition, English conversation classes, textbooks and other facilities. There is a big change in night schools with the entry of Masoom.

Mr. Anant Patil – Headmaster, Agarkar Night School

Masoom is a support to the students of all sections of society. It has not only provided the infrastructural support to night schools but is also striving hard for the all-round development of the students. Masoom is an organization which is working hard for the quality improvement of night schools with the support of teachers, headmasters, parents and society.

Masoom provides notebooks, textbooks, question sets, guides, daily nutrition, science mobile laboratories and it organizes students educational trips & trainings, vocational guidance, counselling, health check-ups, English conversation classes and SSC moderator sessions. It also provides employment opportunities and scholarships to students. These initiatives have done wonders for our night school students.

Masoom has an unparalleled place in the hearts of students, teachers, parents and trustees.

Mr Kate – English teacher at Modern Night School, Lower Parel

How would we live without you,

You guard us and free us,

How could we live without you,

You give us new life,

How could we live without Masoom

You give us a breath of life