As a part of Holistic Development of students, with the help of Blue Ribbon NGO, Masoom introduced “Life Skill Program” in 6 Masoom supported schools in 2014-15. Blue Ribbon NGO who works on Life skills development of students and creating awareness of life skills which would help the students for the better and bright future. Masoom collaboratively with Blue Ribbon trained Masoom Program Managers on the topics of Self-awareness, Communication and other topics. Being trained with life skill development, Masoom Program managers conducted sessions on every Saturday for the students in 6 schools for 8th and 9th standard students. Masoom Program Managers conducted totally 10 sessions in their respective schools.  The trainers made small groups among the students and every group came up with their thought of theme. Based on the theme, they would collect the data related to theme. For example, there was a theme selected by student. The theme was “Carbage issue in the Community”. The group started to address this issue differently by step by step. Firstly, they drafted their observations and based on their observations, they discussed with the group and then began to make a short questionnaire method. They filled the answers and analysed the important aspects to address the issue. Then, the group came with a presentation of the issue. The content of the presentation focused on the reasons of the issue, Impact of the issues, and solution towards the problem.


Outcome and Impact Highlights:-

The students were excited and highly interested to be part of the presentation. All the groups presented their themes and it was very proud movement for all to share their themes with their social concepts and life skills.  It impressed every one of us when the students performed more professionally and full of life experience related to themes. Groups used chart presentation method where 3 groups used unique and appreciated method for presentation.

One of the Group from Aagarkar school presented on the theme “” . It was where they presented this problem along with solution or importance in a poetic method. They prepared the theme in a single day.  It’s really proud for us to see their ability and high thinking.

Another Group from Nanaware school, had the topic on “Sawch Bharat Abhiyan” where they showed the importance of the topic through animated clips where they downloaded from web sites.

One of the group member, named Kusum  shared his personal life related domestic violence. She said that she used to serve her community women related domestic violence. Even, she was stopped by her Husband to raise the issue and support women and he harassed her physically. With her tears filled with emotions, she shared that in spite of her husband harassed and threats, she continued to support the cause of domestic violence in the community. Every one appreciated her with applause.

The other group from Dyan Vikas Hindi Night School presented on the topic “Garbage Problem” where they did not show only their study or research analysis but they raised money from local area, purchased “Big Plastic Dustbins and bags”. After the event, they took all students and placed the Dustbins at their local community. It was not only presentation by the group, it was oriented with an action of system change toward cleanliness of the community. It shows their commitment towards society as a good citizen which was the main object behind this Life Skill Sessions throughout the year.