About Us


Masoom is a not-for-profit organisation with a passion for establishing quality education in night schools. In order to achieve this, Masoom partners with night schools to facilitate the “Night School Transformation Programme”. The Night School Transformation Programme is specifically tailored to meet the needs of the night school and the individual student.

Masoom’s strategic model is designed to assess and improve the infrastructure, such as assessing the volume of notebooks available, providing textbooks and study material, setting up mobile science labs, providing daily nutrition, etc. Secondly, it assesses capacity, such as breadth and diversity of subjects taught and the quality of teaching provided. Finally, Masoom works as an advocate for the rights of the night school students, aiming to increase governmental support. Masoom brings together the teachers, head masters and trustees to share valuable information and deliver programme improvements.

Masoom is formed by a team of dedicated people who feel passionate towards the potential that exists in night school education. Many team members have been engaged in night school education, offering firsthand experience and insight.

Masoom believes that all students have the right to quality education, and furthermore should not be disadvantaged through night school education but praised for their commitment to learning.